Colors and night 

You see, there is something about the night that is relaxing, there’s something that’s healing, it’s dark yet it makes you remember every color in detail:-Red – like our earlobes in embarrassment ,

Yellow – like the happiness of bright sunflowers , I felt when I saw you from a distance , 

Blue – like the endless thoughts concentrated in your small yet beautiful mind and the superficial veins in your arms , but I was anxious to know you deeper , which felt safe ,

Orange – like the fire I saw in your eyes , the passion when you spoke of something you loved ,

Pink – the way we skipped noisy places and danced quietly and took silent breaks,

Gold – the way sunlight touched your skin and had me thinking that it could be forever, Brown – the dark eyes caged inside tender folds of skin , the dreams and the safe haven ,

White – the way your fingertips made circles in my skin and mixed each colour , like a tender horse hair brush,

Lavender – the fading memories and the moments when I waited but you never came ,

 grey – the letters and the smoke after we burned it all alive.

The night is so deeply coloured. It’s like thousands of Polaroid pictures flashing back at the back of your head , fading and fading away , but you chose to let that go because there are so many colors you haven’t seen.​


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