How do you define ‘love’? 

Are there age bars fixed for love? People say that young love is reckless and an ostentatious tamper into reality, perhaps they’re right because at 14 or 15, we think of love as a genre of life or those songs with dim lights and lit lyrics.

We’ve categorized love into something that is surreal, ethereal and impure, but it’s something really strong and modest, it’s as casual as seeing your Mom make pancakes for you or untangle your hair, things like bathing with sunrays, flowers, quotes or camping with your friends can make you happy , if this isn’t love then I don’t know what’s less beautiful. Does all this make your heart pump recklessly or your veins stiff, No. That’s what lust does, that’s what adrenaline does.

And love shouldn’t be confused with the nakedness of the body but with the nakedness of the thoughts.

We define love with an overrated sense of pointlessness and magic, but it’s just simple, as safe as a mother’s womb or a father’s arms, and you don’t have to tinker with that. People invented love as a drug to escape reality, rather chronologically. They treat love like a myth, perhaps growing with it but not comprehending it.
I understood that love is practical and not a drug because a drug intoxicates you and tinkers with your emotions and reality but love is what reality is , and we don’t define it , we live it.

Love is not at all slashing wrists , but something more fragile- Heart.

It is a remedy we invented while at home , which saves us from ourselves, we search for it in things and people , but it’s not a thing to be searched , it’s a thing to be found.


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