It’s so hard to leave until you leave and then it’s the easiest goddamned thing in this world.

Leaving is like a taboo, you cannot talk about it or mention it to even the people you love the most.

It’s like one of those things , you know you aren’t supposed to do, the things which can destroy you or are dangerous, the things your parents warmed you about, the things you promised your 10y/o self that you’d never do but once you do such things , they’re gone in just a blink , just a sip or just a night.

People do not leave just to escape few people but they need to heal, they need sometime to be with themselves and find out the wounds that even band-aids can’t heal.


We fantasize about the things that we’re gonna do once we leave even if we know that they’re not gonna happen for real, but we do, why? Because we couldn’t bear not to, we need hope to leave and strength to leave behind something’s or someone that means a lot to you.

Leaving is a process, a slow gradual process , it takes time but you’ll get through it, but even after you leave – you’ll feel homesick, because no warmth in this world is as tender as the warmth of your home and if you don’t miss that , then you aren’t yet home , darling.

-via f.f (leaving and healing)


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