She knew


Pryl stood in front of that mirror, hopelessly, staring blankly at her wrecked life, mascara scurrying down her face, wrists with deep scars not stains of paint or ink, just scars…

She stood there with frantic thoughts but no anxiety and sleeping pills in one hand ,

That moment she knew what she had lost – Herself.

Since she was 8 she wondered what it was like to become adults,but once she was 18,

It was not until she was lying on the bathroom floor , broken, wishing about how she used to be .

It was not until she stopped checking for monsters under her bed because she knew they were inside her    

It was not until she gave up the delusion of things being more pretty than they are.    

It was not until she stopped that beautiful writing on subjects of no importance.


The girl with no worries, a carefree grin on her face, she was the novels she read and the dimples she flashed, She knew she had grown up – She knew she had entered Reality.

the way she painted smiles on everyone’s face and her own was perfect.

But now she failed to memorize what it sounded like when her dad got home, the footsteps , the words said after dinner , all her little brother’s favorite songs,

and then one day it’s all gone .

And what she is left with is,

Drugs, Cigarettes, drinks and devastated hopes and dreams.

She lost the illusion of fantasy .

She had just one wish- one last wish, for the reincarnation of her soul which she craved for, to kiss the stains of paint and ink marked on her body ,

For that girl to whisper to her – “I am here to bring you back, bring my killer back who murdered me 10 years ago , to the world of fantasy ”

She wanted that little Pryl to return back to her,

just then she drifted back into the arms of grief and silence with a single tear of despair but satisfaction knowing she couldn’t stick together.

She woke up in the arms of the girl she had murdered, Pryl

She uttered only one thing “Welcome back ,Pryl ”

Her mind was made of stardust,

the stars carried her sadness,

the flowers planted hope and

the moon had her beauty ,

the sunlight had her energy ,

She was back. 


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